Japanese EDM Idols Sell Out At UK Debut

HYPER JAPAN Festival at London’s Tobacco Dock last weekend saw JPU Records achieve record sales. The London based Japanese music specialists – who were among HYPER JAPAN’s official sponsors along with Kirin Ichiban, NHK World and Nintendo – managed to sell close to 1000 CDs during the three day celebration of Japanese culture. Sales were boosted by the debut European appearance of latest signing Moso Calibration.

Moso Calibration is an enchanting idol group from Japan’s Akihabara district that fuse super cute J-pop with aggressive EDM beats and drum and bass flare. Their overseas exclusive album GREATEST HITS WORLD ∞ SELECTION was available at HYPER JAPAN ahead of its official UK release on 4 August 2017, and had sold out by Saturday morning. The 14 track collection sees the group collaborate with a number of cutting edge names in Japanese fashion, design and video production and has the majority of its tracks written under BABYMETAL producer Yuyoyuppe’s electronic alter ego DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING. Tracks Geki Yaba∞Bokka-n!! and Sakurairo Diary have also been selected as theme songs for anime now streaming outside of Japan on Amazon Prime and Crunchy Roll. The below music video is one of JPU Records’ favourites from the album, entitled “Chi Chin Pui Pui”, meaning the equivalent of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo or Abracadabra in Japanese.


Before jetting back to Japan to begin preparations for their first tour of Asia, each member commented about their experience in London;

Mahiru Kurumizawa: “I was so glad to come to HYPER JAPAN! I have never experienced such great memories. I went to Big Ben, Covent Garden and some more places. Everybody was kind and lovely. I want to stay more. Also British idol fans were so enthusiastic and passionate. I was impressed these guys were good at speaking Japanese. I would like to come back to London soon! If you visit Japan, come meet us! <3”

Usa Sakurano: “I was so happy to see everybody in London enjoying our music together. Since we are otaku from Akihabara, we would like to introduce pop culture like anime and game to London! We will come back with more anime songs!”

Nia Hoshino: “It was great to see how idols are accepted as a part of Japanese culture and we were so proud to perform representing Japan!”

Iori Amamiya: “It was my first time in Europe and the first live in Europe was very exciting to me. The audience was completely different form Japan,and I could see the fans from the stage enjoying the music in their own way. Meet and greet was also fun. Even though I’m not good at English, I was so happy meeting the fan that I spoke English a lot!! I want to come back to the U.K. someday!”

Yumeko Mizuki: “The way they get excited to EDM was nice to see. Enjoying music together with London audience who have totally different culture and language made me feel confident. I can’t wait to come back here for a solo concert someday!!”


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