Something Something Blog Site

After a 6 month hiatus (kinda), the blog is now alive and kicking again. As you can see I have completely stripped the blog of it’s previous posts and have decided to start fresh from here on out. The site itself has had a bit of a refresh, with a snazzy new wallpaper and a new lick of paint, which I may or may not have personally stolen from the Dulux dog.

The blog will concentrate on promoting emerging alternative music from all over the world from London to LA, Toronto to Tokyo and from Nuuk to Nairobi. The first post will be up from 12pm and each new music post will be daily from 12 from that point onward.

Besides the blog, I will be running my radio show along side as per normal, and that has been something that I had been intending from the beginning, but unfortunately didn’t happen the way that I would have liked to.

I will keep you updated with all that happens in regards to this blog, the show and any future plans (and I can tell you now, there are a fair few of those).

If you would like to send me any of your bands music or the music of any band that you represent, you can contact me at

Have a great day,



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